Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scavenger Hunt, Year 2

We tried hard, but we did not achieve all 101 places in our 2010 scavenger hunt. So, the hunt continues this year. The next few posts will be of places which we visited last summer, but the kids didn't blog about them before school started. I will have them jot down their thoughts about the sights, and we will be off with the new places. I hope you enjoy our adventures!

By the way, when I set up this blog, I thought it would only be viewed by my friends and family, but apparently we have quite a few pageviews, even this week. Most seem to have been referred from Google, when people searched for the Bavinger House. I find it interesting that I have had 966 pageviews from people in the U.S., 54 from the Netherlands, 49 from Indonesia, 49 from Italy, 45 from the U.K., 40 from Canada, 34 from France, 33 from Germany, 32 from India, and 28 from Russia. It is a small world indeed!