Friday, June 7, 2013

#23: A Crazy Dream House

Collings Castle, at Turner Falls

Along this beautiful walkway, visitors to Turner Falls look up the hill to see Collings Castle. The castle consists of two castles: a large, main castle and a smaller guest castle, each with their own stairway entrance.

It is a steep climb to the castle, up a narrow set of stone steps. By the time we reached the top, even the kids were winded.

Built by Dr. Ellsworth Collings, former Dean of Education at OU, the castle was erected in the early 1930's. It was constructed to resemble ancient medieval castles, with narrow staircases, some of which lead to the rooftops. Dr. Collings built his castles with native materials. He and his wife lived nearby and used the castle as a summer home.

The buildings are in disrepair, but they are safe enough for people to tour. As with any building which is standing in modern times, some of the walls were covered with graffiti. Sad.

Few of the rooms were large like this living area. Most were very small with low ceilings and doorways.

the view from one roof - beautiful!

At first, I thought this looked like a table and a bench for meals, but after reading a website about the castle, I think this may be an outdoor chapel.

The castle even had a potty, but you had to go outside and climb up some stairs in order to reach it.



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